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Christian Connection Review 2023

Christian Connection Review 2020
About Site
Active Audience 57%
Quality Matches 89%
Popular Age 18-45
Profiles 22 389 000
Reply Rate 87%
Ease of Use 8.8
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Christian Connection is a close-knit community of Christian people.
  • It offers a translation service for you to speak with people from other countries.
  • Updated interface with a very nice style.
  • It is known as a quality dating website.
  • Organization by members of different nationalities.
  • Good security assistance.
  • No fake profiles.
  • Very affordable premium membership cost.
  • Has a system with few alternatives to pay for a membership.
  • Your desktop version may need an update.

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What Is Christian Connection?

We present you with the Christian Connection review; Christian Connection is a website dedicated to uniting Christian people to start a friendship or a romantic relationship. If you are a young Christian who is single and looking for love with a Christian girl, make sure to sign up. You can meet Christian members located in Hong Kong, the UK, Singapore, the USA, and other parts of the world on this dating site.

The Christian Connection website has maintained a Christian dating community that brings you a spiritual connection between people of similar tastes. You can find the love of your life with this kind of online dating. Who knows, maybe in the future, your relationship will lead to a marriage?

Is Christian Connection a Legitimate Service?

Is Christian Connection a Legitimate Service?

In this Christian Connection review, you can learn that this dating site is 100% legitimate, with many points to prove it. Christian Connection has three awards for UK Dating as the website can be used to unite Christians. It is a website with many years of service in which one is offered a quality service where you will not run into any issues.

When you register on this dating site, you will have incredible customer service to verify your identity. False profiles cannot enter, thus allowing you to speak with real Christian people within the website. You confirm the website’s legitimacy to check multiple stories of people who found love with the service.

Member Structure

Christianity is popular almost worldwide, and Christian Connection is no exception. You will meet many people, with the website accounting for 65,000 members who log on daily searching for true love. It is a very diverse community with connected young and mature people who want to have different chat rooms.

Most of the members present on this dating website are from the United Kingdom, reaching more than 50% in profiles. For the US, registered members of Christian Connection only have 30%, followed by Latin America with 16%. You can see a lot of activity on the dating interface that connects with Christian people from different regions.

Sexual Orientation

This website aims to form traditional couples with a man and a Christian woman. You can feel excellent in this community that follows God’s work and wants to do everything right. Many of these members are looking for a serious relationship that ends in a fantastic marriage shortly.

To quickly register on Christian Connection, you should know that 68% of the members are single women. Christian men on this website only make up 32% of the online members. It is a website where you can get rid of loneliness by finding a person who will fill your being with their faith in God.

Age Distribution

Age Distribution

In the Christian Connection review, the website’s age distribution as follows:

  • 18–22 years old — 10% of registered members.
  • 23–30 years old — 41% of registered members.
  • 31–49 years old — 34% of registered members.
  • 50 years old and older — 15% of registered members.

You can find more influx of young Christians on this dating site looking for true love. If you are a single girl who has plans to marry next year using Christian Connection, you will find your Christian man.

Signing Up

You can register very quickly on Christian Connection. You only need a few minutes to enter your data. First, you have to locate the official website of Christian Connection to start with the online registration in which your identity will be verified. You have to put an email that the appointment system will confirm after entering a 6-digit code.

In the registration process, you have to fill out a form with your necessary information on nationality, gender, first and last name, etc. You have to be honest with the data you give to create a real profile that will not be blocked in the future. You must enter the country where you reside to participate in events organized by the Christian community.

The last piece of information you must enter to have a unique profile is your photo, with which you can captivate many members. You must set a profile picture representing you and encourage Christian girls or boys to write to you.

Profile Creation

Profile Creation

To create a Christian Connection profile correctly, you must follow some steps:

  1. You must locate the official Christian dating website so that you can register from your computer or mobile phone.
  2. In the dating interface, you have to locate the registration option and click there.
  3. You have to place an email to verify using a code that the web provider will send you.
  4. You have to complete the necessary information with data such as:
  • Name and surname
  • Birthdate
  • Gender
  • Likes (food, travel, type of people you like, about you, etc.)
  • Type of religion (Catholic, Evangelical Christian, etc.)
  1. You have to post a profile photo to complete the registration and thus have a profile that other online members will admire.

Profile approval is done within a short time so that you can get started on the dating site right away. You can speed up this profiling process by linking your necessary details to your social media accounts. You can register using the Facebook social network and thus save time entering personal data and verifying your identity.


To talk to other Christian members on Christian Connection, you will come across a beneficial system to master quickly. You can speak with members of your country or foreigners without the language impeding both. With the machine translation system, you can talk to people from Asia even though you only speak English.

When a person invites you to speak on the dating website, you will have a notification with a very characteristic sound. You decide which people to talk to according to the attraction it generated in you at the time. You can also look at the members’ profiles who write to you to find out a little more about them before starting chats.

You can talk over traditional chats or video calls on Christian Connection for smooth conversations. The chats also have a system of stickers, emoticons, and other features for you to talk interactively.

Target Platform

You can use the Christian Connection platform as you like on Windows or Mac operating systems with different search engines. In the dating platform, you will also enjoy a mobile application or desktop version for your Tablet. It is a 100% refreshing interface in which you will observe an enjoyable environment.

You will have 24-hour support, and you can contact it if there are any issues. You will have no excuse not to join this website to make friends or have Christian relationships online.


With the desktop version for online dating, you can get away with a user-friendly interface. All search options for Christian members are available for you to access without problems. The website has a top bar where you can see all the appointment settings and access your profile.


You can have the Christian Connection app for your Android phone from Google Play Store without paying a cent. It is an excellent portable version in which you will have a design interface equal to the desktop one. You will be able to talk to different Christian members from anywhere after you download and install the dating app.

User Interface

The Christian dating design is impressive, giving you an excellent interface for you to use every day. The predominant color is pink, and there is a white background that encourages warm conversations between members. The design also interferes with your profile, placing your photo with your data below.

You can compare Christian Connection with other dating sites, and you will notice how different its usability is. Everything is well-organized so that you navigate the dating interface smoothly. You can have members from your country or foreign members to chat at both ends, and you can choose what type of chat you want.

Website Navigation

Website Navigation

Without a doubt, you will have fast navigation in Christian Connection, with which you will have a satisfactory experience on the spot. You can feel how committed the developers are to the love the website brings to the interface.

Using easy navigation, you will also have a lot of Trinitarian Christianity information to read in your spare time. You will come across blogs full of members talking about exciting topics. With Christian Connection, you can find many friends to discuss some reflections that the Bible marks.

Christian Connection Fee Structure

The fee structure that Christian Connection maintains is very affordable for taking membership and improving your dating experience. You can profit from other benefits on the dating web by purchasing a low-cost, high-popularity membership. You can also ask for a money-back in case you do not like the membership for Christian dating.

Free vs. Paid Services

With Christian Connection, you will have two profile options: free access or paid membership. The differences between both profiles are enormous, and you must know them thoroughly to decide which one to use. Something you should know is that the dating website only has free use for three days where the following options are available:

  • You can enjoy online chats, but you can only send automatic messages from the web provider.
  • You can upload unlimited photos for three days.
  • You can search for matches of people in your country or foreigners you want to meet.
  • You can make only ten posts in 24 hours until the free version runs out.

After passing the 3-day trial on Christian Connection, you will have a dating profile version in which the following is possible:

  • You can join group chats with up to 3 members.
  • You can only make three posts per 24 hours.
  • The search for matches between Christian people in your country is still enabled but with its restrictions.

If you want to change the way you interact in Christian Connection entirely, it is time for you to get a premium membership. By changing your free Christian dating profile to a premium one, you will gain these advantages:

  • You will have unlimited chats to talk with Christian members throughout the day.
  • You can do a smart search among people from your country or foreigners according to their tastes, religion, etc.
  • You can join and start group chats between members without limitations.
  • You can enjoy the events that take place in your city.
  • You have the freedom to block or unblock member profiles.

You have to switch to a premium membership to enjoy the Christian dating site thoroughly. At any time, you can request a refund if you did not like the paid membership.

How Can One Pay?

How Can One Pay?

You can pay for a Christian Connection premium membership easily and at a minimal cost each month. For each month that you buy the membership, you will be given discounts:

  • For one month — $24.99
  • For three months — $49.99 (33% discount)
  • For twelve months — $99.99 (50% discount)

Payment Procedure

For you to change your free Christian Connection profile to a premium one, you have to follow these steps:

Step 1: Sign In

You have to log into your Christian Connection account with your username and password.

Step 2: Go to Your Profile

You have to go to your profile located in the upper-right part of the home page for appointments. Within your profile, you will have to find the option “Change my profile to Premium”.

Step 3: Select the Membership

You have to select the membership that attracted you the most for 1, 3, or 12 months to enjoy the discounts.

Step 4: Choose the Payment Method

You must choose a payment method available on the dating website by PayPal, credit card, or debit transfer. The payment process is straightforward, although you will have to wait a few minutes for approval. The approval in the payment can take up to 24 hours maximum, so you have to be patient.

Safety and Security

In this Christian Connection review, you will not have to worry about anything because you will notice that its security is solid. This dating system has a team that checks all profiles from your registry and blocks harmful members. You have a protected Christian community with which you can express yourself freely without being criticized by anyone.

You can rest assured that the best encryption system is implemented to preserve your profile without being stolen. The security agent also guarantees that you will not be hacked into your profile. In case you see any failure or error in the appointment system, report it to the service provider.

Can One Be Scammed?

Can One Be Scammed?

On behalf of the Christian Connection review, we would like to say that it is a 100% legal dating website and does everything to prevent scammers from accessing the service. With Christian Connection, you will find the love of your life who has legitimate Christian roots.

Their web providers guarantee that you will have an incredible time surrounded by very kind and caring people. At no point will you suffer from fake profiles or individuals that want to give you a bad experience.

Special Features

Please find the special functions that are highlighted in the Christian Connection review below.

Order According to the Religion You Have

You can search for members according to the religion you are fond of to interact with young people with your set of beliefs. The categories range from Trinitarian Christianism to Catholic Christianism, which encompasses most userbase of the United States.

Group Blogs

You can start or join a group blog where they will talk about different topics that focus on the word of God. You can take this website as a means of teaching yourself for your love of Christianity.


In each region, many events will be organized during the year, and you will receive notifications so that you can participate in them. You can go to Christian events that are held in your city or areas close to it.

Closing Remarks

Closing Remarks

In this Christian Connection review, we learned that one would feel a real connection with a community of youth and adults who love religion. In case you have plans to get married or find a friend with similar thoughts, we highly recommend visiting this dating website. You can enjoy a fantastic system to meet Christian members from your country and arrange appointments to know each other fully.

We thank you for reading our guide, in case of any questions, feel free to contact us so we may assist you.

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