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Connecting Singles Review 2023

Connecting Singles Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 87%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 20-30
Profiles 1 000 000
Reply Rate 92%
Ease of Use 6.1
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Strict verification process;
  • 100% real users;
  • 100% free;
  • Exciting features like blogs, quizzes, tests, forums, etc.;
  • Advanced search filters;
  • Mobile application;
  • Responsive crowd.
  • No instant live chat service;
  • The account doesn’t become active right away;
  • Restriction for 24 hours;
  • Sending text messages before approval is not allowed.

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What Is Connecting Singles All About?

What Is Connecting Singles All About?

Connecting Singles Review finds out that dating platforms are nothing like the popular dating websites that we generally come across. Other than being free with absolutely no hidden charges at all, ConnectingSingles portrays itself to be more than a dating channel. It twists and turns the traditional meaning of online dating. If social media had to become an official dating medium, then it would be similar to ConnectingSingles. With unique features and activities to be a part of, it would be interesting to find out how much it works. Connecting Singles Review thus becomes very useful. We shed light on all the uniqueness this out of the box dating platform has to offer, and find out whether it works to find love or otherwise.

How Trustable Is Connecting Singles?

There are not many online dating websites that follow the suit of ConnectingSingles. The kind of rigid rules and regulations it shows while confirming an identity confirms that the dating platform is serious about keeping it real. The compulsory verification process on the dating platform verifies one thing for real. That not only is the platform safe and trusted, but it also makes sure to allow only trusted people on its platform. The platform also assures keeping your user information safe and secure. After reading the terms and conditions carefully, Connecting Singles Review could say that the platform does neither sell user information to third-party sites. And nor does it allow any suspicious behavior for long on the website.

Member Structure Details

Member Structure Details

The size of the platform in terms of the registered users on the platform is tiny in comparison with other dating websites. Despite having the number of registered users in 5-digit numbers while others cross millions of active users per month, there is something genuinely different about the platform. The total amounts might be small, but the people on the platform are incredibly interested in dating, and that’s why the response rate too is fast. Unlike other dating platforms where you send messages to so many people with no hopes of getting a return message Connecting Singles dating is different. The high response rate changes the experience of the person registering on the platform as a user.

While it is the members of the platform who, in general, are so active and interested, women on the platform have are a little more flirty comparatively. Women are also in more significant numbers on Connecting Singles online dating platform. Whereas men not only are less than the girls but also rather keep involved in the other activities like forums, blogs, quizzes, etc. rather than being a direct flirt on the dating site.

The members of Connecting Singles online have a liberal mindset. Although a dating site, Connecting Singles hookup is good for networking with various kinds of people, with different tastes, choices, and sexuality as well. That’s why it would be wrong to say that the majority of the community has a similar sexual orientation. Any person on the platform may have any type of sexuality; it is not a concern about anybody unless they are promoting nudity. Nudity on ConnectingSingles is not allowed.

Which Age Should I Be to Join the Connecting Singles?

The members’ age on the platform is quite varied. 18 being the minimum legal age to get registered on a dating platform is the minimum we got to see while making the Connecting Singles Review, but we couldn’t find the last limit, though. However, most numbers of men did belong to a particular age group. While there were more middle-aged men on the platform, in the age group of 45-54, the women seem to be in the age group below that. Although unrelated, women who already rule the ConnectingSingles world mostly belong to the 35-44 age group.

How Easy Is the Registration Process on the Site?


The sign-up process on ConnectingSingles is nothing like what we see on other dating websites. The dating platform has a lot of rules and regulations which every user needs to follow. Not following any of them could lead to a temporary or permanent ban on the user account. One of the most important and interesting facts we came across while doing the Connecting Singles Review is that the website doesn’t ask for any real personal or private information. Adding them to the profile may lead to punishment.

While the initial registration at the welcoming page of the dating site allows using email id or with Facebook login, the next page led us to study material. We call it the study material because it enlists all the rules and website policies that all the users must remember before entering the website. The user is then required to fill the profile setup in an essay type format. And neither can this time-taking part be skipped nor filling it for the sake of completing a task works. Because right from the tone, content, to consistent use of gender, everything that you enter the fields undergoes scrutiny minutely. The user is not allowed to access the website until his/her profile gets an approval.

What Does Setting up a Profile Look Like?

The profiles on Connecting Singles dating are not very detailed. All it has to offer is the set of questions everyone gets asked at the time of registration. Unlike other dating platforms, ConnectingSingles doesn’t give much space to user profiles. It keeps things simple. What it gives more importance to are pictures. A user can upload as many photos he or she wants to. Apart from the profile picture, there are multiple uploads that every user makes, which can be seen right on the profile page of every member. While uploading a profile photo is compulsory, adding multiple images to the Connecting Singles gallery is a choice. They can even be uploaded later at any time. Uploading a photo other than the profile picture gives the user additional visibility through the photo gallery on the dating platform. And although, filling the fields of the profile is compulsory at the time of the registration. One can edit the profile afterward. While the account profiles of each member have pics and some details, although non-personal, there are a few other exciting features as well. Connection buttons that let you send a message or a virtual flower or even like the profile along with the requirements list lie right in front of your eyes while browsing through an account.

Ways to Find & Connect With a Date

Messaging, although available for free on ConnectingSingles, is not used much by the members on this platform. They rather like to engage in the other spaces provided by the platform to make connections. A person after registering his/her account can anyways not message anyone for the first 24 hours or till the time their account gets approved. But they are allowed to explore other sections of the platform and enjoy themselves meanwhile, the team of Connecting Singles hookup work to validate their profiles. The variety of services the platform has to offer ensures that the new members don’t feel bore. Because of this, the members, despite joining in to find a date, do not associate themselves in typical dating practices. Connecting Singles online, along with all other exciting activities, does offer a matchmaking space, but members on the platform rarely use it. Although there isn’t a Live message feature, the members do not even engage using the direct message platform much. They instead choose to make and find their connections on the various forums, polls, games, and other activities that are there on the dating platform. While many would argue that these elements distract the audience from the real purpose of the website, supporters believe that connecting with different people becomes much more comfortable using these tools of dating. Particularly for the introverts who find starting a conversation the most challenging thing in the world.

Connecting Singles on Various Devices

Connecting Singles on Various Devices

Login Using the Website

ConnectingSingles is better to access on a computer desktop. The big screen makes it easier for the users to easily navigate and browse through the various features on the platform. The design looks organized, and deleting the history keeps your dating adventure discreet. Otherwise, there is no difference between the Connecting Singles mobile app and the website.

Download the App

The ConnectingSingles app is available for a free download on Google Play. While it may be bad news for iOS users, the news is not great for android users even. Although the app is available, the performance of the Connecting Singles mobile application is terrible. The reason behind the lagging interface is the many features that all get crammed up in a small screen. Not only does the app run slow, but it also becomes difficult for the users on the app to navigate through the options. Instead, one can open the ConnectingSingles website on a mobile browser to have a better experience with the mobile-optimized web design of the platform.

The Website Design

The website design looks well-organized and clean, considering the different types of activities Connecting Singles online allows on its platform. While the website layout looks clean, the app design looks equally opposite. Given how the concept of ConnectingSingles is different from other dating platforms, the thematic design and layout of the website also are not made in the typical lovey-dovey way. The ambiance is rather cool and comfortable.

The Website Navigation

Navigating on the website is made easy by keeping all the essential features at the top bar. The language used for various features is simple, while the font is kept bright and clear. Hovering over each button shows a description of each button and explains its functions. Connecting Singles Review finds the descriptions, in particular, to be anexcellent addition on the website, mainly because there are so many things to do on the platform. It is easy to get confused.

The Subscription Plans – Connecting Singles

The Subscription Plans - Connecting Singles

ConnectingSingles apart from being different on multiple levels also is different because it comes at no cost. It might look like a bit of a shock to many people, but the platform doesn’t charge a single penny from its users. There is no such different free and premium access on the platform. Everything on Connecting Singles dating platform is free. And yet, the platform assures the most amount of safety. Unlike so many dating websites that are not only expensive but put members’ information at risk, this platform inevitably breaks the typical pattern of dating sites in every way possible.

ConnectingSingles, as said before, is not like any regular dating platform. It weaves love stories and not forces them on people, and to make this possible, the dating platform has created and offers amazing new features and services for its members at no cost. Thus, there is no segregation of paid and free services on the platform. Everything there is on Connecting Singles hookup is available for free and is listed below. Find out which ones you would like to try and explore.

  • Blogging – Read or make others read, let your words flow.
  • Recipes – Let the Chef in you speak
  • eCards – Get creative and make e-cards for someone you like
  • Forums – Talk about a topic with the community
  • Polls – Share your opinion and find others
  • Poetry – The song that you think might impress someone
  • Play Games – Find a partner from a game
  • Puzzles – Solving puzzles is another way to see many people in a single place trying to solve a problem. It is also a fun way to show your intelligence and charm a few.
  • Quiz– A user can create or participate in solving fun quizzes on the platform.
  • Watch & Share Videos – Videos can be shared and watched on the platform as well. If you are thinking about how it even helps in dating, then you should check out the comment section for some fascinating chats.
  • Vlogs– Video Blogs have become popular these days. Any person can create and watch a Vlog on the dating site. Also, share his or her opinions on the matter and increase profile visibility.
  • Recommend– Recommend movies, songs, or even books on the platform. Depending on your taste, you may create a fan base.
  • Play Music– Just like videos, one can even play music, both popular and originals.
  • Upload Albums– Photo albums are most common on all dating websites, so nothing unique.
  • Top List– Share a list of the Top 10 things according to you. It helps users to find connections with similar tastes.
  • Review Members– the platform also allows users to review other members. Getting reviewed can increase the chances of being ranked on the top list and gaining more visibility. But it’s not easy. You may need to work and participate to get attention on the platform.
  • Groups– Just like forums, there are groups on various topics as well. The difference is unlike the forums, the entry to a group is strictly invitation-based.
  • User tag– Creating a user tag for yourself highlights you for a different reason, giving people to remember you for that.
  • Event– Special event announcement for meetups.

What Is the Payment Process?

What Is the Payment Process?

The Connecting Singles hookup is a platform that goes beyond all expectations and offers each feature it has on its platform at absolutely no cost. It is a rare thing seen amongst the dating platforms. And if you are wondering what the catch is, there is none. The website has not a single item on sale on the platform. You will not be able to find any payment page on the site. It is known to have many buttons, various options leading to multiple services, but a purchase page is not one of them. So you can chill and without any worry just enjoy everything on Connecting Singles mobile. Mostly it is recommended not to trust anyone on a dating site or be very careful before trusting them, but even that is not true for Connecting Singles mobile. On most other dating platforms, either the verification process is very lenient, or it is not compulsory. That allows many people with bad intentions to enter the platform who then, with their fake accounts, influence men to give them money. Money launderers are so prevalent on dating websites that almost all reviews mention to be careful while trusting a stranger. But on Connecting Singles, the platform takes verification and continual moderation very seriously. It is difficult, almost impossible, for fake profiles to register on the platform and then try something illegal without being caught and banned by the moderators on Connecting Singles.

Available Payment Gateways

While most dating platforms allow the use of Credit Cards for making a purchase, some others even offer multiple payment modes that include the use of PayPal and or Internet Banking. But, because Connecting Singles Review has mentioned that the platform is free for all, multiple times, this section becomes null and void. And so if any person on the platform asks you for your banking details or says that you need to pay for whatever reason, learn that it is this kind of person you need to block right away.

How Safe Is Connecting Singles?

Connecting Singles dating is a platform that takes safety very, very seriously. It is extremely appreciative, how being a dating platform it takes all the measures to maintain itself a safe platform. It does not just verify every individual who registers on Connecting Singles mobile but also makes sure that none of the members share their details on their profile even. What truly is inspiring about the platform and something that all dating platforms should learn and practice is that it keeps an eye on everyone. The website doesn’t have must-read rules and regulations for a show. Their team is continually moderating the platform. Connecting Singles online is extremely quick at finding and taking action on the defaulters if any.

Are There Any Scams on Connecting Singles?

The members, apart from the said rules & regulations and the website policy, are also kept under constant observation for suspicious behavior. Any person trying to scam other members, by building a fake profile, sharing a false location or anything is immediately banned. Connecting Singles hookup is actually unlike most dating websites. There are hardly any platforms that take safety and moderation so seriously. Along with scam protection, ConnectingSingles also boasts of a good quality community, which is hard to find on dating platforms generally.

Features That Help Connecting Singles Stand Out

Features That Help Connecting Singles Stand Out

While everything about the dating platform is unique, some services that stand out even in that list are the following:

  • Custom Tags
  • Event Announcements
  • Rating Photos
  • eCards
  • Virtual Flowers
  • The Weekly Birthday Lists
  • Visitors
  • Top 10 Lists
  • Profile Reviews

Let’s Sum Up

Connecting Singles dating is a unique and free platform. Although it calls itself a dating platform, networking and making friends are everyday activities on it. While there are critics who believe that the website fails to meet the purpose because of the too many distractions, Connecting Singles Review feels it is the distractions that help people connect on a deeper level.

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