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RussianCupid Review 2023

RussianCupid Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 52%
Quality Matches 95%
Popular Age 20-30
Profiles 10 000 000
Reply Rate 91%
Ease of Use 6.8
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Protected;
  • Verified Users;
  • Live Chat;
  • Mobile App;
  • Comprehensive Profile;
  • The website can be translated into various languages;
  • Reporting annoying users is possible;
  • Advertisement-free;
  • Advertisement-free Many Russian users.
  • No very pocket-friendly;
  • Communication is limited for free users;
  • No mobile app for iOS devices.

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RussianCupid – Finds You a Russian Partner

RussianCupid - Finds You a Russian Partner

RussianCupid is a niche dating website exclusively designed to bring together all the Russian beauties. It gives a platform for both the Russians and the non-Russians with interest in Russian blondes or brunettes. So although the platform is meant for people belonging from a particular country, RussianCupid Review discovered that it is not restricted to them alone. People from all over the world, irrespective of their race, caste, creed, or culture, can quickly join RussianCupid dating to find a Russian partner for themselves. Coming from the house of Cupid Media, RussianCupid carries a brand name with it. But while it offers trust and legitimacy with its name, it also comes at a cost. RussianCupid Review found out that the platform is not free to use. Apart from the registration, there is nothing on the dating website that a user can do for free.

Is RussianCupid Trustable?

Being a product of the famous Cupid Media, the one thing the website assures of is trust. Cupid Media is a known media house that has produced many niche dating platforms. And with such a reputed background, the one thing it has never faced is a scar of promoting frauds. This is why the last thing one needs to worry about signing up on RussianCupid online is safety. Thus, on our RussianCupid Review, we couldn’t tag the platform anything but safe and legit. However, saying the same thing about the members registered on the website will not be possible. One should be careful with the members they connect with on the platform.

The Member Structure

The Member Structure

The RussianCupid Review found that the website had quite something to boast about, especially in the number department. The website attracts more than 2 MAU each month, which is nothing less than huge. For a website to have more than two million active users is a huge thing but proves to be anexcellent place for members. A large number of registered users on a dating website assures a good time. It ensures that every member joining the platform will get a lot of options to approach and try their dating luck with. And so is the case with RussianCupid mobile as well. While considering the gender balance, we found that it is the women who are more in numbers on the platform. The ratio is more of 70:30, which may be good news for the men. However, the women mostly, if not all, belonged from Russia. Unlike the men on Russian Cupid who majorly are from the US. Although the gender balance may look a little disappointing for women, the location of women doesn’t. It is exactly what men across the world join RussianCupid dating for- Russian Beauties, which they get here in ample numbers.

Member Sexuality on the Russian Cupid

The one thing that we couldn’t help but notice while doing the RussianCupid Review was that men do not get promoted on the platform. It is only women who are shown to the users, which kind of establishes the fact that the platform is best for straight men only. Others would just be wasting their time on the dating platform.

Which Age Group Is Found the Most?

The age on the website is seen to be quite varied. As the minimum age to register on the RussianCupid hookup platform is 18, there is no one below the legal age. However, there is not a particular age group that we saw dominating the website. Both women and men showed an excellent variety in terms of age. However, we saw the women getting divided into two segments: the first being Russian Women and the second, Russian Girls. Although we expected that Russian beauties would get segregated based on their age, we were wrong as we couldn’t find a distinct difference. It could be an algorithm problem, but we found the segmentation useless. Things may have been interesting if the segmentation had worked, considering the fancy of men for older or younger women.

Registration On Russian Cupid

Registration On Russian Cupid

Registration on RussianCupid online is super simple. It takes less than 3 minutes to get registered on the dating platform, and apart from entering your details at the registration point, nothing is compulsory. Entering your name, location, and age alone from your email id, however, is. There is also a tick mark that you need to put to select your gender before joining the RussianCupid dating website. The process is so quick that it doesn’t even look like a step. And despite the simplicity in the registration process, the platform offers another way to log in. The other way of registration is through social media integration. You may click on the Login with Facebook to avoid even the tree minimal steps that you would have otherwise be required to take.

Once you enter the Russian Cupid, the platform asks you to upload a photograph of yours. Like most other things after registration, even uploading a picture is not compulsory on the website. However, the site encourages its users by saying that adding a photograph would improve the account’s reach. This is afact considering our attraction towards a face. Especially when it is dating that we are talking about, the image matters a lot. On an online dating platform, one of the first things we get attracted to is the face. Without a photo, it is difficult even to build interest towards the person, trusting is out of the question. However, some people don’t mind talking to people even without a photograph. These are the people who run the risk of being cheated the most. So it’s best to be careful.

Building a Profile on the Russian Cupid

The profiles on RussianCupid dating are extensively detailed. While doing the RussianCupid Review, we found out that each account on the platform is divided into three sections. Each section has its own purpose. While the first section is about the person’s physical appearance, interests, hobbies, etc. the second and third section compares your profile with the profile you are browsing. The second and third section does a compatibility check, and these are actually the two sections that make things enjoyable on RussianCupid. But there is more to see on a profile. It’s the photograph. The profile photo is an image of the user’s face, below which is a small essay that could be about anything the person wants to write.

While setting up our profile, we realized that although it isn’t necessary, there is a way to get verified on RussianCupid mobile. Getting a verification badge has its advantages. The symbol is a mark that you can be trusted. It is the same thing the other way around as well. While browsing on the platform, we figured out that the profiles with the bade stood out and seemed more trustable than the ones without them. One can get verified by using a photo id that gets checked manually by the team of RussianCupid online. Also, while setting up the account, we understood that the platform is not built for dating alone. There are a lot of options that one can use the Russian Cupid for, like finding pen pals, dates, hookup partners, soulmates, or even friends.

You can select what you are using the platform for so that anyone browsing through your profile gets a clear indication of your requirements. Although the profile form is quite extensive, thankfully, it can be edited anytime after the registration. While most people skip it for the first time, it is best to keep updating it from time to time. Otherwise, RussianCupid will not be able to find your compatibility with the person you are browsing. And because most of the profiles on the platform are well described, not having a detailed profile for yourself may become a disadvantage for you on the platform. Also, one needs to be careful about not uploading nude photos as their profile photo. Any suspicious behavior or going against the rules may get you banned onRussianCupid dating almost immediately.

How to Get Connected

How to Get Connected

When it comes to sending messages on RussianCupid online, you will feel like you have gone to the ’90s. With an old school theme, the texts are sent in an email structure. One needs to go to a profile and hit the “send message” button to open the space where you can type your message for the person. Because of an email template, there is no limit to the word count or character count on the messages. It somehow successfully gives a feeling of writing and receiving love letters. But there is a catch. Messaging is not a free feature.

Although a member without a subscription may send a message to someone he likes, the person on the receiving end will not be able to read it. On the other hand, free account holders may also be able to receive letters from others but won’t be able to read them. This is why buying a subscription is a better idea than wasting time sending a non-readable message. But, if a free member becomes successful in attracting the attention of a paid member, then communication doesn’t remain a problem.

RussianCupid Review finds the messaging on the website to be pretty exciting with features. Adding subjects to each message- custom or template and printing history of the emails makes connecting a unique process, unlike other dating platforms. However, there is a warning on the message box. RussianCupid hookup website warns its users that none of the members on the platform have been checked for criminal backgrounds. This is done to alert all the users and be careful before talking to strangers and revealing their personal and private information with them. You may also let a person know about your interest with a click of a button. The button of show interest is right next to the “send message” button on the profile, hitting it will notify the member of your interest in them.

Which Device Should You Use to Login?

Login to the Desktop Version of the Dating Platform

For the RussianCupid Review, we logged in to the website from a desktop and found it to be a well-designed platform. The desktop version of the platform is the best option for users who are not comfortable in keeping a dating app on their mobile phone. RussianCupid hookup website lets its members use the platform by keeping things discreet and yet offering all features on a bigger screen compared to a smartphone.

Login to the Russian Cupid App

RussianCupid mobile also has a free Android app for its users available on Google Play. The app is an exact translation of the desktop version and preferably better. The mobile design of the website makes the look cooler. Although you may still use the RussianCupid hookup website from your mobile browser, the android app gives a better user experience on the phone. With over 50,000 downloads, Russian Cupid seems to be a well-accepted and liked dating app on Google Play. And if you have an iOS device, you may easily access the website on your browser.

Looking at the Website

Looking at the Website

RussianCupid online has anattractive and user-friendly website layout. The profile page might even remind you of Facebook’s previous versions. The love themed colors- Pinks and Purples set the mood right for the dating platform. The design makes using the website for dating the simplest thing on the platform. While the interface is interactive, the performance of both the website and the app are smooth and fast. It makes sure that no user on the website gets a bad experience due to the website design.

How Difficult Is Navigating

Cupid Media is an expert in making dating websites. No one knows better than the organization, how to design a dating platform. Just like its other dating websites, RussianCupid hookup too comes with a navigation system that is right in front of the eyes. While the essential buttons on the platform are placed at the top of the screen, the other profile related features can be found exactly where they are required. For example, the message button is placed on the profile.

RussianCupid – Buying A Subscription Plan

RussianCupid mobile is not known for being an affordable dating platform. However, it offers two types of plans for its regular members to provide them with more options.

Difference Between Free & Paid services

Free Services

  • Showing Interest is Free
  • Registration
  • Setting Up the profile
  • Photo uploads
  • Viewing Galleries of other members
  • Browsing profiles
  • Search
  • Matchmaking
  • Connecting with paid members

Gold Membership Plan Exclusives

  • Unlimited Messages
  • Live Chat
  • Instant Messenger
  • Anonymous Browsing
  • No Ad disturbances
  • More profile space

Platinum Membership Plan Exclusives

  • Advanced search filters
  • More profile visibility
  • Ranking on the search
  • VIP badge
  • Instant message translation
  • Additional to all the Gold membership plan exclusives

How to Buy a Subscription Plan on Russian Cupid

How to Buy a Subscription Plan on Russian Cupid

Visit the payment page, which can be easily navigated to. Once you enter the payment page, you will be greeted with a sight similar to the above RussianCupid Price chart. The user is required to go through the prices. Based on which features one would like to avail and for how many days, the user can choose a plan and move forward to purchase a subscription. Continuing the next step will require the user to select from one of the available payment modes and then continue with adding the details. After the payment is made successfully, RussianCupid confirms the user with a popup message. Just like on every other dating website, after your first plan purchase, the plan gets selected for auto-renewal. The user should remember to cancel the auto-renewal from the settings, in case he is not interested in continuing with the plan or losing money.

Payment Modes to Make the Payment

Unlike most other dating platforms, RussianCupid offers quite a variety of payment modes to its users to provide them with ease in making the payment. A user on Russian Cupid may choose anything from a Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Internet Banking or Paypal. In case you are planning to keep your online dating adventure discreet, then it is best not to use the Credit Card for buying the subscription. The matter is that the bill mentions RussianCupid, which you may want to hide. Using any of the other available payment modes saves you from that sort of embarrassment.

How Safe Is RussianCupid ?

RussianCupid has so far not garnered any attention for misplacing or using member information illegally. The platform instead claims to keep the data safe, even the photo id that you share with the RussianCupid moderators for verification. Thus, safety is not something that RussianCupid can be doubted with. However, nothing similar could be said about the users on RussianCupid with surety.

Scam Protection

Scam Protection

Although RussianCupid runs no scam, it cannot even assure its members not doing so. In its defense, the platform warns every user that no background check has been done on the user; they are messaging to alert the users. This is why it is best to trust the members with a verification badge only. However, there is no guarantee that the ones without a badge are running a scam. The risk remains with the user – the best thing to do while online dating is to avoid sharing any personal details with strangers.

Exclusive Features On Russian Cupid

Badge of verification The verification badge adds a level of trust with the user. Online dating can be precarious, considering the number of money launderers taking advantage of the weak hearts. The verification badge removes the uncertainty feeling from the minds of all the users trying to connect with a verified person on RussianCupid. Cupid Badge It is a fun badge, a user on RussianCupid can add to his or her profile. This allows people browsing through their profiles to connect with them on a matching interest if any. It eases up the air and gives a lot of people the conversation starters they might be looking for. Compatibility Scale The compatibility comparison table on every person’s profile makes things very interesting. It allows a user to know all the matching interests they can talk about and see if he meets the user’s requirements in a partner. This not only adds a fun factor to RussianCupid, to a lot of people butalso works as a confidence booster. Emails The email setup adds a romantic touch to the whole dating platform. At a time when the world has shifted to super short instant messages, long love letters with a sweet subject line make a perfect beginning of a love story.

Summing Up Russian Cupid

Another dating platform from Cupid Media, RussianCupid, is a perfect space that connects the Russian Beauties with the men who fancy them. With subscription plans, a bit on the higher end, the features that come with it make it up for the price. And what truly sets the niche dating website apart is not the beautiful Russian women but the compatibility table that makes connecting with them easier.

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